26 April 2007

Someone still loves you Boris Yeltsin

This week I've been pretty good about things that are often neglected, like not doing the dishes. I've actually been very good at not doing the dishes this week. Not cleaning, in general, is quickly becoming a specialty of mine. This week I've done a great job of rolling my eyes at small children, and I'm beginning to excel at putting off things that I normally do promptly, like filing student work. My desk at work has nearly achieved a clutter so immense that there's nowhere left to stack things I'm putting off, yet I still manage to pull it off. That's what's so amazing about me. I'm out here achieving the impossible. I dress daily without clean clothes and eat regularly without shopping.

I would love to report on what I have been doing with my time, but I'm not sure what I would report. I haven't turned on my TV all week, and I've barely cracked the book I'm reading. I have spent a few evenings out with friends, but I usually get my stuff done in the mornings anyway. I haven't slept passed six thirty in weeks.

Curiouser and curiouser.

I really don't know what to say.

Either my classes have been extra frustrating this week or I have been more susceptible to frustration. I fled the office (and my stacks of unfinished work) at four thirty today, scandalously early. Fled is really the word for it too. I've been pushing myself to get stuff done, but something has been eating at me, and I've been reaching a breaking point much too quickly.

My, this is glum. Let me think of something cheerier to write.

I had some good sushi the other evening. That made me happy. I wandered around in an aquarium store and looked at fish. I like fish, apparently for eating and looking at. That's good, because all the restaurants here store their still live food in fish tanks out front, so I can look at it and eat it (though I haven't eaten any of it yet. I'm a little choosy about my Korean food.)

This week I started eating Korean yogurt, though, and it also makes me happy. According to an old lady at the grocery store it will also make me skinny. I hope not to disappoint her.

You know what I have been using my time on. I've been drawing a good bit this week, and writing. Maybe that's why I'm so moody, or maybe my moody disposition drove me to it.

I also built a desk in my apartment out of some spare shelves and a suitcase. I'm sitting at it right now, and I really appreciate its being here. Not having a desk around is like going out and discovering that I've forgotten a pen. Those are always the days that I need a pen the most, and even though I can usually hunt one down, it's never a very good one. I get stuck with a blue ball point or something like that. That's unlivability right there.

This blog is getting more and more ridiculous by the minute, so I'm going to leave you with a random picture and call it good.

Sorry to any who may still be reading.

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