19 November 2007

And it could, too.

Today I made egg salad with my kindergartners. That was fun, and I can't remember last time I got so much praise for my culinary abilities.

Yesterday I called an Innocent bystander an aardvark. His reaction was as bewildered as it ought to have been, and I felt a little bad about the whole thing afterwards.

The day before that I slid down a friend's hallway in my sock feet. I was wearing my favorite dress with my favorite jewelry and had put extra effort into my hair and make-up that morning.

The day before that I made a whole batch of chocolate chip cookies. It took me all evening, because I can only fit two cookies in my toaster oven at a time.

The day before that I sat in a coffee shop and read about Mother Teresa. I had extra cinnamon in my hot chocolate and underlined a few choice phrases in the book.

The day before that I woke up extra early to go shopping before work. I bought a new bag for my temple clothes and put it into use that night.

The day before that was my last day to cover a class for the girl who fled the country without warning. Her replacement plays professional women's' football.

The day before that I rode an hour into Seoul for sushi. As long as I was there I bought a new outfit too.

Tonight I will make soup and re-pot a couple of plants.

Tomorrow, anything could happen.


Jessica F. said...

I love how you write. I always have. You are so clever and completely entertaining! I wish you would draw me a picture...you draw great pictures also!

Mel said...

Awesome writing.