20 January 2009

Korean Moped Man

Korean Moped Man, I love you.

I love your speedy delivery of fried chicken, the mail, or Internet provider customer support.

I love the smoldering cigarette hanging out of your mouth at a jaunty angle above the pollution filtering mask that you have pulled out of the way to make room for it.

I love the yellow E-Mart bags wrapped around your gloves in the winter.

I love when I make eye contact with the wise and mournful plastic eyes of the polar bear hat draped over your brow like the carcass of a beloved plush toy.

I love when you zip past me and shout, "So nice to meet you!" Korean Moped Man, it is nice to you meet you, too.

I love when we are waiting at a crosswalk together and you take the time to throw me an upnod and rev your engine a few times. I hope you don't forget me too quickly as you zoom away to deliver that pressing McDonald's order.

I love you Korean Moped Man. You are the reason I look both ways before I cross the sidewalk, and today you are the reason I am glad I am in Korea, and nowhere else in the world.


Dan said...

F!RST!! just kidding. although i am first and that's a first for me. i'd like to meet korean moped man.

Kristina and Brett said...

Hahaha I love the drawing. I can't quite picture the polar bear hat. Is it a hat?