31 January 2009

Yesterday, a bit after lunch, my physical well-being caught a glimpse of the desktop calendar that my supervisor Alice gave me at the end of last year.

"Is January almost over already?" it asked itself. "My, how the time flies! Why it seems just yesterday that we took our New Years vacation and left Denice sick for nearly two weeks. And it can't have been that long since our weekend jaunt that lead to her relapse shortly afterward. Isn't it amazing how quickly the time passes? One doesn't even notice. And here it is, January is nearly over and what have we got to show for the month?"

I had no idea this sub conscious self-talk was taking place. I was busy reading the Franny K. Stein book that my new class will start studying next week.

After a thoughtful pause my physical well-being picked up where it left off, "So much vacation in one month seems lazy, but I suppose if we're gonna go to hell we may as well go all the way, eh?"

And so, with only 33 hours remaining in the month of January I quite suddenly found myself sick for the third time in one month.

I can only hope that February finds all hands back on deck ready for duty, because my emotional well-being is getting a little tired of picking up the slack where my physical well-being has left off.

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Jessica F. said...

January is pretty much the worst month of the year so I am glad it is almost over. I think it is one of my most productive months because I am constantly trying to stay busy so the month care speed by...
So are you going to live there forever???