29 May 2009

The Best Day Evar

Bad news: The Swine Flu is in Korea. It came in with a foreign teacher, which led to the quarantine of a group of other teachers that had been in contact with the individual. You can read the adventures of that group here. My adventures are related to theirs, but are also quite different.

The H1N1 scare lead to the cancellation of our spring picnic. (Please do not ask me to explain why we were safer from the virus confined to our tiny, crowded, and poorly ventilated school than outside the city on a mountainside. The only answer I can give you is that the decision made the mommies happier - and in private education, mommy happiness always trumps logic.)

So, the day before the picnic I found myself looking at the next day's blank schedule and wondering what we would spend the day doing. I mulled over a few options, but didn't really like any of them, so I decided to let my class choose.

Without further ado I give you - The Best Day Evar: what happens when kindergarteners make the lesson plan.

First Period: Gym and Games
We started out the day in our little gym with stilt races.

Second Period: Cooking
Next we made a no-bake layer cake out of graham cookies, cream cheese, and sweetened condensed milk.

Third Period: Music Time
In may our theme was 'People to Know' which included figures like Ghandi, King Tut, Michael Jordan, and The Beatles. My class's favorite was The Beatles and Yesterday has become our most requested song.

Fourth Period: Field Trip
Next we went to the neighborhood playground to romp. I forgot my camera, but I'm sure you can imagine Korean kids on monkey bars adequately.

Fifth Period: Birthday Party
The final request was that we finish the day with a birthday party. It wasn't anyone's birthday, so we nominated Olivia the beloved pig of children's literature to receive the honors of the day. We sang and ate the cake we'd made earlier. It was super tasty, and the perfect end to what truly was the best day evar. I should let my kids do the planning more often.


Kristina and Brett said...

That's definitely the best rendition of "Yesterday"I have ever heard.

Denice said...

Yeah, this is only a reference that Darvil and Natasha may get - but it reminds me of 'Wond-o-fool, Wond-o-fool, wouldn't it be Wond-o-fool?'

Krisanne said...

If I could Benjamin Button myself I would. And then 5 year old Krisanne would sneak into your class as the new foreign student to participate in the best day evar with clearly the coolest teacher evar.

Kristina and Brett said...

Hey I told the wond-o-fool story at game night just this week!
Everyone decided that "you just had to be there," but I wasn't there and I still thought it was hilarious.