06 March 2010

Why I wiggled my toes this time.

I was going to stop blogging and was trying to decide how long I should wait before I pulled this all off the Internet. I'm glad it's still here.

I was listening to music, and I decided to go online and listen to some black cab sessions, and when I was finished I listened to Jens Lekman's Black Cab, because it's still my favorite. Watching him sing I'd noticed that I'd fallen in love with him yet again and decided that it was time to get personal. If I'm going to keep stalking this songbird Swede in my imagination, then I ought to at least make sure he's single (I mean, what would my imagination neighbors think??) An hour later I'm finishing off a series of online Q&A's that he did nearly four years ago and I'm slightly more in love with him than when I'd started this journey, when I reach the last line on the webpage: Lots of love to everyone from Jens.

And I think to myself, "I'm someone." And I smile and wiggle my toes because I have just received lots of love from Jens Lekman.

And that's why I'm glad my blog is still here.


Nessa said...

You're SO funny...love it!
-Vanessa B

Ninny Beth said...

Dear D-
xoxoxo Jens.

Kurt and Courtney said...

I'm glad your blog is still here, too. I need something interesting to read... :)