16 January 2015

Still dreaming ...

Last night I dreamed that I was flown to Japan for some preliminary Foreign Service interviews.  It was a wonderful adventure in a new place, surrounded by other excited and interesting applicants.  One of my meetings was with a pair of hairdressers.

"Honey, the dreadlocks are going to have to go," they said.

"I plan on getting rid of them the instant I hear I've made it into the Foreign Service," I replied.

"Made it in?" say the hairdressers, "This is the Foreign Service.  You're in already!"

"No, no," I say, "That's impossible.  I didn't even pass the test."

"Honey," they say, "We don't fly people all the way out to Japan for an interview.  You're here.  This is it."

And that was it.

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