11 September 2007

After All

This will be a quick note, since I have to leave in five minutes for my first language exchange appointment, but a strange thing happened in my first grade class today. While my students where completing there workbook pages about their favorite school subjects I realized my eyes had focused on a six inch wooden ruler in Lisa’s pencil box. Stamped on it were the words: Midfirst Bank, Stillwater.

I bank with Midfirst. It’s a small bank run under the Chase umbrella with, as far as I know, only branches inside Oklahoma. Stillwater is a city in Oklahoma. I asked Lisa if I could see her ruler and she passed it over. When I asked where she got it she told me she got it in America.

"Did you go to Oklahoma?" I asked.

"Yes, I did," she answered, "I got this ruler in Oklahoma." I told her that I used to live in Oklahoma and her simple answer was, "Yes, I think I saw you there. The first time I saw you at Kid’s College I thought ‘I think I saw her somewhere.’"

Do I think Lisa really saw me in Oklahoma? Not really, but who knows? It is a small world ...


skyhawk and kim said...

I want to ask all the questions.... What were you doing in America? In Oklahoma? Where do you go to Church? I think I remember Lisa!

luv ya

skyhawk and kim said...

and you are right - this world is small- and stranger things have happened.

luv ya still