24 September 2007

Family: Isn't it about time??

My Internet went away. I waited to see if it would come back, but it didn't. I had Jay at work call my provider. They came and told me I still had the Internet. I showed them that I didn't, but they insisted that I did and left. On a whim I told Jay to have my Internet shut down. They next morning a man showed up and took my modem. He was in my apartment for 30 seconds, and left behind all of the cables and the modem's power cord. I guess that's that. Now I don't have the Internet, and I wish I did. I'm in an Internet cafe, or PC Bang as they're referred to in Korea, surrounded by the sound of enthusiastic young men and gunfire.

The good news is that I'm not here alone. Mom and Darvil are sitting next to me. They actually made it out here this time. They got here Saturday morning and have been following me around for the past few days. Yesterday we went and saw Seoul Grand Park. I was mostly excited because we were hunting down a letter box there. Unfortunately, the initial clue was either too outdated or too vague to give us any footing and we never even figured out where to start. One of these days I'll go back and check out the outer, outer ring by myself, but yesterday was all about checking out the animals and seeing the dolphin show. Oh well.

Today we're going to check out the Gyeongbok pallace. I hope they have some cool stuff going on for the holliday (today is Korean Thanksgiving.)

Anyway, that's all for now.

Oh, no it's not. I have to tell one more story. Last Friday I was wearing pants with a skirt over them for work (because I'm stylish like that.) It's a good thing I was. My pants were extra baggy that day, and at one point I made an akward turn (to console a boy who'd hit his head frog jumping under the table) and stepped on the cuff of my pants. I walked right out of them. William promptly forgot his head-bumping woes. All of the class burst into laughter, and three of the girls had no choice beside laying on the floor and laughing until they cried. For the rest of the day I was bombarded with pleas of "One more time Teacher! Please one more time!"

Yes, I can try to charm them until the sun goes down, but now I know that if I really want their attention, all I have to do is undress a little. Who knew that kindergarteners and men were so alike.


Brittany said...

I wish I could be in Korea visiting you. sad.

i wish i could have seen your pants fall down. in a non-creepy way. haha. i would have died laughing too. i just laughed a little thinking about it. out loud. good thing i'm not sitting in a cafe, people would think i'm weird just laughing to myself randomly.

anyway. peace out.

J.Fillmore said...

There are few things that I miss more that your stories.....I love them! I forgot how much I love them because I haven't heard one in years. I can imagine your pants falling because well it's you and only those types of things happen to Denise....love you! Love that you are still "teaching English". I'm still convinced that is a code for something else......