18 September 2007

A little hopscotch annecdote

Today it rained heavily so my class had to cancel its weekly trip to the playground. I went into school a little early and made three hopscotch boards on my classroom floor with tape. That was a pretty big hit. Actually, any time the kids had to move around the room for anything today they did it via hopscotch. At one point we'd been playing ABC bingo and were cleaning up. We used googely eyes for markers and I was holding a tub of them without realizing that Harry was under my hand hopscotching back to his chair. He jumped up under the bucket and sent a shower of googely eyes all over the room. No big loss, though. One of the tricks I picked up when living with my five-year-old cousin Skyler is to make every undesirable task a race against the clock. "How fast can you pick up the eyes?" I shouted and stood comfortably counting while 20 little hands scrambled around the room, correcting the disorder before I could get to 50.

I believe Mary Poppins said something about making every job a game in that popular Disney song "A Spoonful of Competition."

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